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Transition Coaching

At Miligistix, we believe in the power of coaching. Your transition is one of the most stressful times in your life and having an expert in the area of military transition and civilian employment is invaluable.  

Some of the benefits of coaching you'll receive when working with a Miligistix Transition Coach are: 

  • Understand who you are outside of the military. What are your values, goals, and personal/professional objectives?
  • Create a go-forward action plan completely customized to you and your unique experience and situation.
  • Learn the best way to connect with employers you're interested in.
  • Target a few different roles that are right for your values, skills, and interest.
  • Create a substantial and valuable network of veterans, civilians, and colleagues.
  • Access to human resource professionals, recruiters, hiring managers, and veteran program leaders across the country.

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