For companies with existing programs, Strategy Sessions should occur when you are planning for program modification or you are approaching a new program year.

For companies wanting to launch a program, we recommend holding a Strategy Session as soon as you can secure approval for launch from the leader in charge of the department that is spearheading this effort. The sooner you lay your foundation, the sooner you can build.

The Companies:

We have worked with over 45 companies in 10 different industry verticals and one thing we have found is that industry, company size, and whether a company is publicly or privately held does not dictate success in recruiting and retention practices for military and veteran talent.

What does affect a company’s success is that they are committed to change.

Our most successful clients have senior level support, they have one person who is responsible for successful outcomes, they have a team that is able to support the Champion, and they understand that how they have been doing things likely can improve. However, very few of these companies started out with all of these factors. It took time, energy, and dedication to achieving success.

Ultimately, we look to partner with companies who are ready – and committed – to building or optimizing a strong foundation for recruiting, hiring, engaging, and retaining veterans, military spouses, or members of the Guard and Reserve.

The Key People:

A Miligistix consultant with a deep knowledge and expertise in Military Talent Programs. This consultant will become a true partner to your company and your program.
The company’s MTP/VI Champion. This individual is typically the person that carries the largest amount of responsibility regarding successful – and sustainable – implementation of his or her company’s military recruiting and retention efforts.
The team responsible for all aspects of the company’s military/veteran recruiting, hiring, engagement, and retention efforts. These are usually recruiters, talent acquisition specialists, communications and marketing team members, outside RPO reps, Diversity & Inclusion specialists, and senior leaders who support the program.

It is important to note that many times we work with companies who are in their initial stages of launching a strategy and they may not yet have a team in place. One of the areas we dive deep into during this process is team development to ensure you have the right team in place.


Effectively, through the MTP Strategy Session, Miligistix creates and delivers a custom blueprint for a client’s Military Talent Program and/or Veterans Initiative.

The ultimate why is that Military Talent Program Strategy Sessions generate a strong foundation of success.

The Why for Companies with Existing Programs

When we work with companies who have existing military/veteran efforts, we often find they were tasked with hiring veterans into their workforce. At that point, a team was assembled, they generated a few good ideas about how to hire veterans, they placed job openings to career sites, they interviewed a handful of veterans, and they may have hired a few over the past year.

While these efforts are admirable, it is likely they are not generating the success desired, that turnover within their military/veterans’ population is higher than anticipated, and that there hasn’t been cultural adaptation around recruiting, hiring, engaging, and retaining military/veteran talent.

The “why” for these companies is simple. They remain committed to recruiting, hiring, engaging, and retaining military talent but they want to address what is not working well and they want to modify their program so they generate sustainable and meaningful success. Success is a program or initiative that results in adapted culture change, an increase in retention among military/veteran employees, a stronger connection to the local community through partnerships with Veteran Service Organizations, and an influx in qualified military/veteran candidates.

The Why for Companies Wanting to Launch a Program

Much like their counterparts who already have existing efforts, companies wanting to launch Military Talent Programs and Veterans Initiatives typically understand the innate value that veterans bring to an organization. They want to tap into one of the nation’s most highly-skilled, easily-trainable, character-driven, leadership-minded talent pools.

They realize that it is worthwhile to create a custom blueprint crafted by experts in the field to set their program up for a high level of success from the very beginning.

The "WHy"

Topics we Cover

The expert in military talent

  • Creating a military talent funnel for recruiters (often no cost or low cost)
  • Building a business case for hiring veterans/military talent
  • Engaging employees and leaders in the initiative
  • Self-identification of veteran/military status among employees
  • Developing an online presence that engages and attracts military/veteran candidates
  • Creating an Affinity Network or Business Resource Group
  • Developing a coaching and/or mentorship program for military talent
  • Custom communications to drive internal and external engagement
  • VSO and nonprofit partnerships
  • Professional development opportunities for veterans/military talent

*Implementation of the blueprint can be (1) fully executed internally by your team, (2) Miligistix can provide coaching/consulting on particular tactics, or (3) you can choose a full-scale implementation managed by the Miligistix team.

The "WHO"

Military Talent Program Strategy Sessions

The "HOW"

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When a company engages Miligistix for a Military Talent Program Strategy Session, they receive a holistic and actionable series of recommendations they can implement to increase positive outcomes related to recruiting, hiring, engaging, and retaining military veterans, military spouses, and members of the Guard & Reserve. These recommendations are derived through a proprietary process that dives deep into 5 key areas of a client’s Military Talent Program and/or Veterans Initiative.

Strategy Sessions dive deep into 5 key areas of a client’s Military Talent Program or Veterans Initiative: culture, recruiting, hiring, engagement, and retention.

A Miligistix consultant takes a client through a proprietary process exploring these five areas in a way that uncovers potential strengths and opportunities as well as threats and weaknesses. The goal is to have a full 360° view of your company’s culture, current recruiting and hiring policies, and engagement and retention practices. With this information, our consultants are able to provide a full analysis of a client’s current landscape and deliver a custom blueprint of recommendations and actions they can take to develop a successful and sustainable program or initiative.


Timing: up to 8 hours of on-site meetings with all key people outline above

Location: in person at a client’s chosen office


  1. An initial discovery call is set with the client’s Champion to outline who will be in the meeting, how long the meeting will last, and what topics the meeting will cover. An agenda will be crafted.
  2. The discovery call is also a time the consultant and Champion uncover high level information about the company and the program so that the consultant is acquainted with enough information to drive a productive Strategy Session. The discovery call occurs 1-2 weeks prior to the Strategy Session
  3. The Strategy Session takes place in person at a chosen client site. It is highly recommended that as many of the key team members (if previously established) are present in person. If not possible, virtual team members should dial in via video conference. A video conference platform is available if necessary.
  4. If a program already exists, an overview of the existing program and outcomes should be provided to open the session so that a full understanding of the program is provided to the Consultant.
  5. After the Strategy Session, the Consultant will synthesize all information gathered and provide a full analysis and series of recommendations to the client. This will be the custom blueprint referred to throughout this document.

The blueprint is typically delivered within one week of the Military Talent Program Strategy Session unless otherwise agreed upon prior to the meeting (for programs with a high degree of complexity and customization required, the time frame may push to two weeks.)

We provide recommendations and action items around (but not limited to) the following topics: