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We have consistently heard two themes over the past year from our clients. The first, retention remains a top priority. The second, personal and professional development opportunities - specifically for veterans and military talent - are few and far between.

The cost of turnover
When an employee voluntarily leaves the company for which they work, they create a financial hardship for that company in many ways.

Let’s explore some of these costs, which were highlighted in the article by Heather Boushey and Sarah Jane Glynn from the Center for American Progress in 2012, “There Are Significant Business Costs to Replacing Employees.”

Direct Costs:

  • Separation costs such as exit interviews, severance pay, and higher unemployment taxes.
  • The cost to temporarily cover an employee’s duties such as overtime for other staff or temporary staffing.
  • Replacement costs such as advertising, search and agency fees, screening applicants, including physicals or drug testing, interviewing and selecting candidates, background verification, employment testing, hiring bonuses, and applicant travel and relocation costs.
  • Training costs such as orientation, classroom training, certifications, on-the-job training, uniforms, and informational literature.

Indirect Costs:

  • Lost productivity for the departing employee who may spend their last days on the job with reduced morale.
  • Coping with a vacancy or giving additional work to other employees.
  • Costs incurred as the new employee learns his or her job, including reduced quality, errors, and waste.
  • Reduced morale of team members.
  • Lost clients and lost institutional knowledge.
  • Poor publicity if a veteran employee leaves and tells other veterans about the reasons they left, which could paint a negative light for your veterans recruiting and hiring program in the future.

Most experts tend to agree that turnover results in a cost of 35%-200% of an employee’s salary, depending on the level of seniority and specialization. You can read more about these costs here and here. You can also calculate the cost of turnover here.

What are the benefits for VETERANS?

  • Veterans uncover their career passions, personal values, personal mission statements, and career goals, which helps them feel more connected to their work.
  • Veterans gain a clearer sense of self and how their values and personal missions align with the values and mission of their company.
  • Veterans feel valued by their company and gain a greater sense of camaraderie among their peers who go through the program.

What are the benefits for COMPANIES?

  • Companies are able to show that they value the personal and professional development of their veteran employees, which leads to a greater sense of trust, commitment, and loyalty.
  • Companies help to mitigate the risk of turnover by helping to increase the engagement of vetran participants. When employees feel more engaged, they often feel a greater sense of connection to the mission and vision of their work and their company.
  • Companies who showcase their Corporate Veteran Coaching Program become more attractive to military and veteran candidates. This highlights your commitment to developing your military and veteran talent.

A brief overview of the SBT Corporate Veteran Coaching Program
The program is offered in two formats, both of which are customizable to your company’s needs.

  • For companies with a large population of veterans, we run squad based cohort coaching programs. In this format, squads of 4-10 veterans go through a 12* session coaching program designed to maximize learning and camaraderie for a larger number of veterans at one time. Typically, the squad meets in a group (in person or virtually via video conference) for 3 sessions – once in the beginning, once in the middle, and once at the end – and then each member of the squad receives one-on-one coaching for the other 9 sessions.
  • For companies with smaller populations of veterans, we run one-on-one coaching programs. These often are highly tailored but we recommend a 12 session format for maximum learning and “stickiness”.

The ideal participants:
The ideal participants for the SBT Corporate Veteran Coaching Program are veterans who are in corporate roles within your organization. It is not necessary to separate junior level employees from senior level employees or to separate by job function; we actually find that it creates a great learning environment when groups are mixed. It is also not necessary to separate by job location; we can run the program 100% virtually.

The SBT coaches:
All SBT coaches have completed nationally sanctioned coach training programs and often have decades of coaching experience. SBT has over 25 coaches who are veterans themselves and 100 coaches who are civilians that receive training on how to best work with veteran and military coachees. All of SBT’s coaches work extensively with transitioning service members, veterans, military spouses across the country.

SBT Corporate Veteran Coaching Program

We are proud to partner with Stand Beside Them, Inc., a nationally recognized veteran-serving 501c3 nonprofit organization to bring the SBT Corporate Veteran Coaching Program to our clients across the United States.

We are working together to bring greater development and engagement opportunities to veterans in corporate roles throughout the United States.