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OuR External Consultants and COaches

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Amanda Veinott is an expert in Military Talent Programs and Veterans Initiatives.  Prior to founding Miligistix,   Amanda launched Military Talent Program and Veterans Initiative across thirty companies.  Her expertise revolves around educating companies and clients on how to recruit, hire, and retain service members, veterans, and military talent within their respective workforces. She is a sought-after thought leader on veterans recruiting, hiring, engagement, and retention and often appears on panels throughout the country.​ Connect with Amanda on LinkedIn at

OuR Team - Internal

Jennifer Goodman is a career counselor and coach, blogger, and a military spouse. Prior to joining Miligistix, Jennifer worked for the Army’s Transition Assistance Program as a career counselor at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Jennifer now serves as the Director of Programs and Operations for Miligistix and uses her knowledge of military transition programs and the military community to help companies develop and implement robust and sustainable military talent programs. ​

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Heather Clarke-Peckerman is an executive coach, leadership development expert, and master trainer. Heather has over twenty years of management experience and has consulted for a number of major organizations and several municipalities and not-for-profit organizations. She is certified to deliver many assessments and feedback tools, which she uses in her coaching engagements regularly.
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