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Military Talent Program Development

  • We start with a deep analysis of your current state; we look at the current state of your industry, your hiring practices, your culture, and the engagement of your overall staff. We will help you uncover the military and veteran employees already in your workforce, which will become a strong foundation for your program.
  • We develop the appropriate partnerships with Department of Defense organizations and non-profits so that you have access to an ongoing stream of military talent. 

The Development Process

When we partner with you to develop a Military Talent Program or Veterans Inititiave, we take a holistic approach. Our goal is to create an efficient, optimized program from the very beginning. 

  • We help your communications and marketing department craft key messaging so that your communications appropriately support your mission and vision of becoming an employer of choice for military and veteran talent. 
  • We help your human resources department, hiring managers, and recruiters understand the best fit positions for military talent and where to go to attract and hire this demographic. 
  • We help you develop a robust internal network of veterans and military talent that will become your internal "vetting" council. There is no one better to run ideas by or resumes past than your current veteran or military employees.
  • We connect you to peers across the United States with similar program dynamics so that you have direct lines of communication with other professionals in charge of building, growing, or maintaining their veterans and military talent programs.

We provide all of this. In return, we ask that you provide a core team that will ensure the program is a priority. At the end of the day, these initiatives should be self-sustaining. Our goal is that you don't need us to support your program after implementation.

*In all Veterans Initiatives and Military Talent Programs we develop, we ensure that a baseline measurement is completed so that as we implement the program, we can track against the baseline and modify as necessary until the desired end-state is met.