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Our Military Talent Program Strategy Sessions result in a holistic and actionable series of recommendations that clients can implement to facilitate positive outcomes related to recruiting, hiring, engaging, and retaining military veterans, military spouses, and members of the Guard & Reserve.

These recommendations are derived through a process that dives deep into 5 key areas of a client’s Military Talent Program and/or Veterans Initiative. Effectively, through the MTP Strategy Session, Miligistix creates and delivers a custom blueprint for your program.

We provide recommendations and action items around (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Creating a military talent funnel for recruiters (often no cost or low cost).
  • Building a business case for hiring veterans/military talent.
  • Engaging employees and leaders in the initiative.
  • Self-identification of veteran/military status among employees.
  • Developing an online presence that engages and attracts military/veteran candidates.
  • Creating an Affinity Network or Business Resource Group to drive engagement and program success.
  • Developing a coaching and/or mentorship program for military talent.
  • Crafting custom communications to drive internal and external engagement.
  • Facilitating VSO and nonprofit partnerships.
  • Customizing professional development opportunities for veterans/military talent.

*Implementation of the blueprint can be (1) fully executed internally by your team, (2) Miligistix can provide coaching/consulting on particular tactics, or (3) you can choose a full-scale implementation managed by the Miligistix team.

We start every engagement with an assessment of a client's culture, most pressing talent needs, and current Military Talent Program or Veterans Initiatives. This provides a baseline from which we work and ultimately drives the program's direction.

Optimization results in increased effectiveness and efficiency of your efforts, whether your goal is to hire more military veterans or military spouses, increase retention of your top performing veteran employees, or to make your veteran-focused communications more impactful.

We drive optimization through our proprietary MTP Strategy Sessions. 

Military Talent Program Optimization

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