Industry Experienced Veteran Sourcing

One of the most frequent challenges were hear from our clients is that they have not been able to find veterans who have 2+ years of specific industry experience.  Our industry-experienced veteran recruiters work on an hourly basis and we do not charge contingency fees. Further, we only provide recruiting services when a position is specifically looking for industry experience of 2 years or longer. After an individual has been out of the military and in a career for 2 or more years, we find that these individuals are no longer making fear-based decisions about their career and they understand the types of job conditions under which they do their best work.

We take a very personalized approach to recruiting industry-experienced veterans. We know who they are as people, not just as "talent". We ensure they receive career coaching by our staff of Certified Professional Coaches before we suggest a client interviews them. That way, the veteran feels well-prepared for the interview, understands the role and its expectations, and has a strong sense for the company's culture well before deciding if your company - and that role - is the right career move for them.

We have a strong opinion that, under most circumstances, companies should utilize the services of Non Profits and government-sponsored programs to recruit transitioning service members and recently-transitioned veterans rather than work with recruiting firms. We hold this opinion for multiple reasons but the two main ones are 1) recruiting firms can become very costly very quickly, and 2) we have unfortunately seen many cases of increased turnover due to a lack of coaching by the recruiting firm. Many veterans have told us that the job they took through the recruiting firm ended up being a bad fit after only a few months.

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Our number 1 priority is ensuring that every transitioning service member has access to transition coaching.  

Transition coaching ensures that service members understand their personal and professional motivators, their core values, and the job conditions under which they do their best work. Transition coaching helps to increase retention of these service members in their post-military careers, which benefits all companies who hire them.

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