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Our Vendor Diversity Pledge

Amanda Veinott - CEO - Miligistix

"Formally, we commit to purchasing at least 50% of our company's goods and services from military-affiliated businesses. One day, we truly hope this will be 100%."

Our mission is to overhaul the employment environment for the individuals (and their families) who have served in the military. We do this through ensuring companies and organizations who want to hire military talent are able to connect directly to these individuals in a more efficient way than has ever happened before. We know that if companies are able to hire - and retain - military talent more easily and more cost-effectively than has historically been the case, they will be more likely to hire more individuals who have served in the United States military.

OUR Mission

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Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all transitioning service members, military veterans, military spouses, and members of the Guard & Reserve have access to sustainable and impactful careers.

Our Commitments

To Transitioning Service Members, Military Veterans, Military Spouses, and Members of the Guard & Reserve

We genuinely have your best interest in mind. We care about you as individuals first and foremost. When members of our team engage with the military community, it's to serve you. We promise to ensure we do what is within our power to enable you to make career decisions that make sense for you and your family.

To Our Clients

We will always strive to ensure top-notch customer service. We understand that you want to hire military veterans, military spouses, and members of the Guard & Reserve. We also understand that the military and veteran employment landscape is full of recruitment firms, training companies, and branding agencies - all of these options are confusing and oftentimes contradictory. We commit to each of our clients that we will help optimize your military talent programs and recruitment efforts so that it becomes less complex and more cost-effective to hire - and retain - this demographic of talent.

To Our Employees, Coaches, and Consultants

We commit to creating an engaging, supportive, and innovative workforce. We love big-picture thinking, new ideas, and input on how we can better serve the military community and our clients. Without our employees, coaches, and consultants, we would not have the ability to impact the thousands of lives we touch through our work. We value the breadth and depth of diversity we have among our employees, coaches, and consultants and always strive to make our company one of the greatest places to develop professionally.

To Our Vendor Community

We commit to buying and purchasing from as many Veteran Owned Businesses, Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses, and Military Spouse Owned Business as possible. Whenever we choose to purchase materials, supplies, or services, our team scours out networks and our communities for business owned by military-affiliated individuals. Almost every one of our service providers fits into this category. 

To the Military Community at Large

As a for profit/for purpose business, we have the ability to give back to the military community in multiple ways. We commit to donating 5% of our profit each year to Veteran Service Organizations and veteran-serving Non Profits. In 2016, the recipient of our donation was Stand Beside Them, Inc.

Since 2014, we have donated over 500 hours of one-on-one coaching to transitioning service members, veterans, military spouses, and members of the Guard & Reserve, which is the equivalent of over $125,000 in donated funds. We continue this commitment every day.

We also commit to using our social media platforms to spread the word for smaller VSOs and Non Profits who serve the military and veteran community. We understand that many VSOs and Non Profits operate with very little yet have such a huge impact on their local communities. Using our established media channels is a small way we continue to serve other organizations who serve our military communities.

Our Vision