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Have you been following our 10 Keys to Military Talent Program Optimization™ articles on LinkedIn?

These articles are a distillation of the work we have conducted with over 40 clients in 9 different industries and showcases best practices that are relevant and actionable to your programs. We have received incredible feedback from our readers for the 10 Keys and we have been asked to create an opportunity for a live webinar so that our readers can learn more about Military Talent Program and Veterans Initiative optimization and to ask questions of our team live.

Please register here for the 10 Keys to Military Talent Program Optimization webinar, which will be on Tuesday, March 21st @ 4pm EST. The webinar will run approximately 30-40 minutes. We are capping the audience to 50 people, so please be sure to register early.

10 Keys to Military Talent Program Optimization™ Webinar

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